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Nicci Take

By day Nicci Take is a stylish, demure, middle-aged Chief Executive Officer who sometimes goes into work as a man so she can bully people better.

Nicci Take is a Presenter, Entrepreneur and stand up Comedienne.

By night Nicci is a glamorous stand-up comedienne and shining example of how you can take the girl out of Liverpool but not the other way round. Nicci’s book ‘Prey’ documents her journey from alpha male to yummy mummy, without any messy surgery, but not necessarily without any mess. It’s a story of business and personal transformation, and a sincere invitation to readers to get involved in a new type of gender debate. Since 2013 Nicci’s experiences have confirmed her long-standing dislike for the opposite sex. She’s working on it, for the sake of her sons, but be warned. She’s not the girl you think she is.

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