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Mike Meldrum

Mike is an independent consultant working with a small number of close associates to provide strategy consultancy, executive coaching and management development programmes. Choosing a consultant or management development provider is difficult and can be an expensive mistake. Companies want someone who will provide a quality product, who is responsive to their needs and above all, someone they can trust. Mike’s first concern is therefore establishing a relationship on which a mutually beneficial business association can be built.

Companies also look for providers that have a varied and in-depth knowledge of how a business can be successful. Having previously been a faculty member at Cranfield School of Management for eighteen years to 2003, Mike combines business school knowledge with the practical experience needed to work effectively with an SME or independent business unit. He has worked with start-ups, family businesses and wider corporates drawn from a range of different sectors and industries. Although Mike has a strong marketing background, most of his work is now in the field of leadership development.

Long-term relationships also require that the consultant or provider is not constantly pestering for more business. Mike’s philosophy is that the best way to sustain relationships is to offer the best solutions – even if they are provided by someone else – combined with a promise not to keep trying to sell you things you don’t want.

Although independent, Mike is still an Associate at Cranfield providing between 15 and 30 days a year to their general management and leadership programmes. He also does pro bono charity work via the Cranfield Trust and has recently updated and relaunched his marketing book now titled “The Complete Marketer”. This was originally written in 1995 with his co-author Professor Malcolm McDonald and has been rewritten to take account of all recent developments.

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