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Michael Tipper

Michael Tipper is an experienced speaker, facilitator, presenter and writer who after leaving the Royal Navy began his second career specialising in the practical business and educational applications of Accelerated Learning principles and techniques, Mind Mapping, Creativity, Speed Reading and Memory Improvement. Over 100,000 people have directly experienced his live presentations and trainings, and more than half a million children and young people have benefited from programmes he has developed for schools and colleges. Combined with coming second in the World Memory Championships he is widely regarded as one of the leading exponents of memory improvement techniques in the UK, regularly appearing on TV and Radio (most recently on the couch on BBC Breakfast)

More recently Michael has focused on the design, delivery and management of effective (and award winning) large scale leadership development courses for the Nuclear Industry. Additionally he has set up his own publishing company to help business leaders publish their own books to help promote and market their businesses. His latest teaching passion is that of personal productivity and effectiveness – skills he has had to refine and hone to keep on top of his own workload and knowledge that was was a logical extension to his understanding of accelerated learning principles in the business environment. He has personally shared his slant on age old productivity techniques combined with the latest research on neuroscience with over 2000 business leaders.

Michael’s strength comes not only from his deep knowledge of his subject but from his enthusiasm and ability to convey relevant ideas and concepts to people at all levels in an entertaining, enjoyable and practical way.

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