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Michael Dodd

Michael Dodd is an international communications-boosting speaker and one-time broadcast journalist who helps audiences and training participants get their message across – face-to-face, through the news media and on the web. 

As a broadcaster he’s used to dealing with opportunities where you have a short time to get across an important point – and he helps audience members to improve their skills at doing this.

On stage Michael tests out “volunteers” by conducting mini-makeovers on them to help everyone in the audience get across a vital point in just 60 seconds – the time it takes to cook a piece of toast.

Michael’s had speaking and training engagements on six continents – and does events virtually when circumstances require. 

He’s been awarded the “New Speaker of the Year” title by the Academy for Chief Executives. 

Michael’s book “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work, published by Wiley, has been given “Management Gold” endorsement by the Chartered Management Institute after it was shortlisted for the Management Book of the Year Award. 

The Daily Express declared that “Every briefcase and bookshelf should have a copy”.

Michael has recorded the talking book version for Amazon which is available through Audible.

His work as a communications-boosting speaker, media interview response trainer and presentation coach draws upon his experience as a foreign correspondent in Europe and a political reporter covering the one of the world’s toughest democratic arenas – the Australian Parliament in Canberra. 

Michael speaks with audiences of business leaders, sales teams, United Nations’ officials, housing teams, diplomats and civil servants to give more impressive presentations – and great answers to tough questions in media interviews and in other professional conversations.

He’s been Berlin and London Correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and has filed reports from most major European countries and the United States. He covered Eastern and Central Europe before, during and after the 1989 revolutions for the ABC, Radio New Zealand and the BBC World Service. 

He interviewed the leader of the Solidarity Free Trade Union Movement, Lech Walesa, in Gdansk while he was leading the Solidarity Free Trade Union movement which helped overthrow European communism. Michael questioned Vaclav Havel during the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia before the dissident playwright’s rise to the national presidency.

Michael’s been interviewed as a commentator on Sky News, the BBC, Al Jazeera and he’s done hundreds of TV newspaper reviews. He’s presented Five Live’s “Global” program. He has also worked as a Senior Lecturer in Broadcast Journalism at the University of Westminster. 

Michael is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and served two terms as President of the Association’s fast-growing London Region.

Comments from members:

  • Turning the narrative on its head is incredibly powerful. It turned a weak and in confident update into a very strong message from a leader.  Michael’s demeanor and wit elevated the experience. Michael sits right there with the top performers.
  • Micheal’s session worked especially well for me as I was “volunteered” so got to participate, I also won Michael’s book which was very nice. But I think the training was effective for all – seeing how to develop impact.
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