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Marcus Child

Marcus has had a powerful impact on the people and the performance of many well-known businesses during the past 18 years. He inspires confidence, wholeheartedness and courage…and has an impressive reputation for helping thousands of members of hundreds of organisations embrace change positively and successfully. In thoroughly uplifting conversations with audiences his work stirs resourcefulness in individuals, positivity between colleagues and trust between organisations and their customers.

Marcus’s emphasis on exploiting work as an opportunity for self-improvement as well as commercial success means that the new habits he trains are practised in the minds and relationships of people – at work and beyond – long after his programmes are complete.

He speaks in workshops and on conference platforms with pace, humour and exceptional energy. He has helped an astonishing number of CEOs, MDs, boards, business teams, sportspeople, politicians, teenagers and people living with health challenges realise bold and extraordinary goals.


“Marcus has exceptional ability to communicate ideas and inspire change and creativity. His energy alone is intoxicating and his stories are really uplifting. I know you’re really going to enjoy today. He has guided and challenged some of the most successful leaders of organisations in the world. We’re very lucky to have him with us on this important day to help guide us on this next stage of our development and growth.”

Comments from members:

  • Gave real examples of people and businesses who have benefited from Marcus’s session, encapsulated some truly lovely stories.
  • Made me think – consider outside my comfort zone, gave me further confidence in doing what I do.
  • Reinforced and rationalised what my gut feeling is and encouraged input.
  • Reminded me how I got to where I am! But also motivated me to think bigger!
  • Marcus was excellent with his Inspirational stories, enthusiasm and energy, helped me personally to have more belief.
  • Kept it entertaining, fun and interesting.
  • Really getting me to reflect what is important to not only customers but people in team.
  • Real life examples not just theory but was able to see examples of where this worked.
  • Gave practical examples of how his methods have worked.
  • Dare to dream and stop listening to mediocrity!
  • Very engaging and kept message simple, remember to keep doing the right thing no matter what is thrown at you.
  • Showed me a different perspective on life, achievements, having a can do, positive attitude that you can achieve.
  • Marcus provoked many thoughts / ideas that not only fit in my working life but also my home / personal life.
  • Gave examples of people who achieved their ultimate goal.
  • Belief that we should set challenges goals and encourage those we work with to succeed great examples and positive attitude throughout. – Excellent presentation.
  • Reignited the spark and ambition to pass this onto other partners and team leaders.
  • Inspired by example -proud humble (lead by example).  He doesn’t just talk the talk. A super speaker.
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