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  • Leadership and Management

Lynda Shaw

Having owned 3 businesses, Lynda is an experienced entrepreneur. She holds a doctorate in cognitive neuroscience, specialising in unconscious processing of emotion and behavioural change. Lynda works with senior leaders and their teams who want to better understand the science of change and development and harness this power through recalibrating how their brain works and the brains of others. Currently, she is the current National President of the Professional Speaking Association and is the founder of the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme designed to help professional people use applied neuroscience in their work.  Lynda’s work is always informative, fun and extremely practical.

Comments from members:

  • [Lynda] opened a very good discussion around the subject matter. This enabled a better exploration of the topic.
  • [Lynda] explained the underlying chemical / physical responses to thought process.
  • [Lynda] opened up a huge amount of thinking in this sector. I thought this was one of the best, very interactive.
  • [Lynda] asked us all about our experiences / how we apply things to our businesses etc.
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