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Lindsay McKenna

Lindsay McKenna Limited is an International Business with a clear focus: Putting the people, passion and pragmatism back into Change Management and High Performing Teamwork. The business was born out of sheer frustration at the absence in the market place of a practical pragmatic approach to how to get projects selected, prioritised and delivered, which truly fuses the people and technical aspects.

Lindsay’s focus and passion is change and team-working, increasing the ability of a business and the individuals in it, to deliver optimum results through projects and teams, ensuring effective implementation, sustainable change and measurable returns on investment. She has published books on Change and Teamwork and in less than a decade her business has gone truly global. She also funds and is a director of a South African not for profit conservation company, providing her business with invaluable “lessons from the wild” with commercial profits keeping those teachers in the wild.

Lindsay McKenna, the author of the “Practitioner’s Guide to High Performance Teams” outlines what it means to belong to and lead a high performing team, and the skills, products and tools to get there. Shifting team members from passivity, or “every beast for himself”, into full-blooded involvement; helping leaders resist the tendency to give up on their team and become “Lone Rangers”

Comments from members:

  • Helped me rethink my meetings and how to identify our key goal.
  • Challenged difference which was helpful to understand more, it was communicated in a very engaging way.
  • Built on points made for the floor. Sought examples from ourselves.
  • Explained the subject really clearly and kept message simple.
  • Reflect on how well my team is performing as a team and tools to encourage better team work.
  • Lindsay explained the subject well, made me think about how we interact with our teams and how we can utilise our meetings as a team and use them in a positive way – looking forward / setting goals/ planning etc. Helped give structure, more team focused.
  • The mix of media – videos, exercises, references, slides and the simple problem solving as opposed to risk management. She was fantastic.
  • Answer questions in depth and spent time on the detail, the supporting books were very much appreciated.
  • As a wildlife enthusiast, Lindsay’s animal based examples resonated with me.
  • She used very easy to understand animal examples to get the point across.
  • Lindsay simplified and codified the principles and appropriateness of three different entities – team, group and individual, in particular how to significantly increase the productivity of teams.
  • Made me think about how to improve teamwork.
  • Made the session come alive with the use of varied media and with time to self analyse.
  • Bring it back to basics, no corporate jargon / rubbish or silly soundbites. Kept it simple through use of animals. With the team together everyone achieves more.
  • The guide book is exceptional with its contents and can be used in many different areas. Lyndsey has made me really think about our teams/groups in the business and how with just simple changes it can improve.
  • Using illustrations from the natural world helped to underline the points, and obtain better understanding.
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