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Ken Allison

Ken is a business orientated human resource and employment law consultant specialising in boosting individual and organisational performance by enabling managers and directors to act with confidence when tackling issues that may present potential legal problems.

The challenge
Despite government intentions, employment law has become increasingly complex. Employees can take their employer to ‘court’ without much fear of being awarded costs, and with compensation awards now having exceeded £4 million, it is not surprising that managers can be nervous and fail to tackle issues effectively.

Ken specialises in exploding the myths and removing anxieties about employment law through his clear and lively presentations and training. As a result, managers and directors then feel more confident to resolve practical people issues in the workplace, and take the necessary action in their business to avoid future problems.

Ken uses his understanding of managing businesses to show managers what they ‘can do’ rather than what they ‘cannot do’. His unique proposition is that he combines a background in line management, corporate HR/Personnel, and seven years as a consultant with a major law firm, to deliver practical solutions that improve performance.
This experience, which has included providing a full range of personnel management services to small companies without their own HR manager, enables Ken to illustrate his presentations with real life examples relevant to a wide variety of enterprises.
He is also much in demand as a specialist speaker and trainer on issues of interest to HR professionals and employment lawyers, and has had articles published in People Management, Personnel Today, and Management Development International. He is the co-author of a guide to consultation in the workplace published by IDS/Thomson Reuters. Ken has an ‘MBA’ from Manchester Business School and is a member of the Chartered Management Institute (MCMI), and of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

Style and approach
His lively presentations for directors and senior managers are entertaining, interactive, and often case study based. Ken addresses issues raised by the delegates, so that they go away with answers to questions that they are currently facing. From boards of individual companies, through to major conference events, Ken’s lively style has provided CEOs, directors and senior managers with an opportunity to gain a quick overview of employment law, and enabled them to act with increased confidence when tackling issues at work, and protecting the interests of their business.

Those who have heard Ken’s previous presentation, ‘Have I got employment news for you’, at CEO groups have said: –
‘Liked the interactive nature of the exercises, and that his examples were real ones. Scenarios were great and worked well.’
‘Good use of interaction, lots of examples given – entertaining style of presentation. Great insight to a difficult and complicated topic. Great session, Ken made a very dry topic lively and loads of fun, with plenty of take homes
for the group.’
‘Very clear and practical advice on dealing with employment issues in ways that are not the most risk averse, but commercially appropriate.’
‘The members enjoyed the lively and instructive session – despite the dry topic they gave an overall score of 9! A great result – so well done and thanks.’

Many members that hear Ken, take advantage of his ‘after sales promise’, of a free telephone consultation, and he is often described as ‘our go to guy’ on employment related issues’.

Comments from Members

  • Myth busting style worked really well – got me thinking!
  • Good pace and range of content.
  • Good examples and current cases
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