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  • Finance and Operations

Jeff Monks

An explanation of the company accounts using non accounting terms. Jeff Monks is an engineer, good with numbers, and on his first board appointment at the age of 27 he remembers hearing the FD presenting the numbers – but he could see a picture that they were representing and those around the table could only see that they added up. Jeff set about understanding the picture, and he was to realise later in life that it was that skill that set him apart from most MDs, and it was crucial in leading an MBO and in finally selling his business in 2017.

Amongst the testimonials that he has received are ” I wish I’d heard this before I’d been to see my accountant!”

Comments from Members:

  • Jeff explained management accounts and spoke about real life scenarios.
  • He taught us how to understand the basis of accounting and the story that they can tell.
  • Made it simple and used a real life example from his own business.
  • He explained two elements of obtaining a business.
  • Made me think about how other business’s can work.




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