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Ian Gibbs

Ian has increased the capacity to learn of thousands of people via his Learnability talks and workshops to help people get better at what they want.

With a degree in Astrophysics from St. Andrews, Scotland and a Postgrad in Education from Cambridge, England, Ian Gibbs is the owner and managing director of IPA Productions – one of Europe’s most successful educational theatre companies. Furthermore, he is the author of ‘The Sorites Principle’, ‘Learning A Language’, ’23 Tips To Learn Stuff Better’ and ’23 Tips To Get Better Grades’.

He is also the president of the Professional Speakers’ Association of Spain.

Comments from members:

  • Yes the workshop went well, it was helpful and based on the allocated time it couldn’t have been any better.
  • Valuable participant engagement. 
  • The format of identifying the key takeaways was good.
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