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  • Strategy and Growth

Henry Rose Lee

Henry is an authority on the development and understanding of Millennials and Generation Z as they join and become leaders in today’s workplaces. As an inter-generational expert, Henry consults with, and advises organisations about how to maximise the performance of all generations, from Silents to Baby Boomers, and Generation X to Millennials, Gen Z and even Gen Alpha, who will soon be of working age. Henry’s latest book, ‘The Code for New Leaders’ was born out of her sixteen years’ experience as a consultant and executive coach and as a supportive confidante to a range of global C-suite leaders.

With five generations now in the workplace at the same time – each with their own unique set of widely differing values and behaviours – for any business to thrive, it’s crucial for business leaders to attract, recruit, engage and retain all these employees. Henry Rose’s workshops and keynotes tell you exactly what to do.

Comments from members:

  • It was interesting and thought provoking. Just made me think about individuals.
  • Good presentation, very clear and also gave practical examples.
  • Highlighted that dealing with people isn’t one size fits all
  • Bring to life the varying needs and wants from each generation.
  • Discussed real life learnings (e.g. Facebook)
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