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Gavin Ingham

High Performance Expert | Founder #IAM10.

Helping individuals and organisations to raise performance using the #IAM10 methodology.

What differentiates high performers from good performers?

For the last two decades, this is the question that has driven Gavin Ingham to develop the #IAM10 high performance methodology for helping leaders to build high performing teams that fulfil their potential, improve motivation and focus, increase productivity, embrace change and grow sales.

The world is changing faster than ever. There is more competition than ever before. The global economy, AI, automation and now, the fallout from the Coronavirus, mean that you and your people need to work with conviction, embrace change, maximise productivity and add more value to every situation. Good enough is not good enough anymore. You need to be the best. You need to be a 10.

Comments from members:

  • Gavin gave me guidance and tools to both recruit and manage salespeople which is related to his own personal experiences.
  • He kept it simple and not just anecdotes but personally relevant references.
  • He gave me lots of different new perspectives around salespeople.
  • Gavin shared some interesting tips.
  • He kept message simple and straight forward focused on a few things.
  • Provided useful examples about how to connect / coach / understand mindset.
  • Gave me a refresh so I could go back to the team and remind them.
  • To think about motivation, but check that they think they can do it.
  • To re-evaluate my teams approach
  • Engaged us in feedback and responded to our responses to link to going forward.
  • To start each day thinking about how to be at the top of your game.
  • Gavin encouraged me to be more positive on my thinking towards Brexit and my attitude.
  • Kept it simple, used easy to relate to examples.
  • Helped with stripping back the ideas of conviction, clarity and consistency and how all 3 work together to make a better work and personal life.
  • Related to something that we all understand – family! kids!
  • Set out clear simple diagrams that I can use for myself and the team.
  • Took it back to basics i.e. pre sales conversations.
  • Gave real life examples and asked for us to share our experiences
  • Remember the human side of my staff, ask their goals in one to ones.
  • Attitude discussion how results affect attitude positively or negatively.
  • Acknowledge how important the journey is in trying to achieve goals.
  • Reminded me that most people are externally motivated. Be positive. Have clarity. Have conviction.
  • Gave real world personal examples.
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