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Frank Furness

Frank Furness is a London based motivator, trainer, consultant and professional speaker. He is known for his energetic, humorous and inspirational presentations filled with personal stories, anecdotes and high content. He has twenty four years experience as a Sales Consultant, Trainer, Senior Manager and has twice qualified for ‘MDRT Top of the Table’ (the top half percent of salespeople in the world).

He is a specialist in sales, sales management, technology and customer service and how they work in tandem to produce great results for organizations. He has been a guest on many radio and TV talkback shows speaking on sales, technology, goal setting, motivation and positive mental attitude. In August 2001 he was the only non American listed in the USA ‘Meetings & Conventions’ magazine as being one of the ten most sought after speakers on the professional speaking circuit.

As an international speaker he has entertained, inspired and educated audiences in forty countries. His 100 mph entertaining talks are laced with humour, anecdotes and stories. Frank’s expertise in sales, leadership and motivation will elevate you into a new playing field of peak performance. Frank has helped audiences around the world to shine with improved sales, leadership and communication skills.

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