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  • Leadership and Management

Fiona Brennan-Scott

Fiona Brennan-Scott is the founder and leader of BESPOKEN, a company that believes in the importance of helping people excel beyond their perceived limits in spoken communication, transforming the audience experience of others.

Through training and coaching, Fiona enables her clients to exceed their desired outcomes through developing audience engagement. It starts with below-the-waterline skills of correct breathing to projection, through to planning, preparation and delivering a transformational speech.

She believes that through facilitating an equal and diverse environment, the potential of great meetings and presentations is endless.

She encourages others to step outside their comfort zone to help engage audiences to present effectively and engage confidently.

From starting her first business in 2000, she has lived the motto ‘never underestimate your ability to enhance and influence the lives of others’. Fiona is a passionate leader, striving to offer her clients the very best experience and expertise to help them overcome any barrier to effective spoken communication.

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