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David Ventura

David is a thought provoking speaker who helps Senior Leaders and their teams improve the profitability and performance of key customers, bringing to life the principles of increasing results by improving relationships with your most important customers.
David has spent over 12 years in a variety of commercial and leadership roles across numerous sectors, including Retail, IT and Telecoms, with a proven track record in driving business growth across new business and the existing customer base.
His ability to adapt to any given group, sector and culture makes him an ideal facilitator to bridge the gap between ‘best practice’ and creative and innovative solutions. Having started his career in the ‘entertainment industry’ working as a resident Entertainments Manager for Holiday Parks, Cruise Ships and Nightclubs, the transition into Sales and Leadership 12 years came naturally, bringing with him some core principles of Customer Growth;

  • The key to any great ‘performance’ is integrity and authenticity. The same applies to business.
  • If ‘people buy from people’ then rapport and relationship skills are the most powerful skills to master in business.
  • Sales can often be seen as a downstream result of Service Excellence

Now working as a speaker, corporate trainer and coach, David now dedicates his time to helping organisations grow revenues, empower employees and reach full potential by delivering highly engaging and ‘output focused’ workshops.
Living in Hertfordshire, with his Wife and two young children, David is most ‘at home’ cooking up a feast for friends and family and making a ‘mean’ G&T! Contrary to common belief, he is no relation to Ace and believes that happiness comes from achieving an abundance of love, laughter and learning.

Comments from Members:

  • Well presented workshop.
  • Very good, he has a lot more content and could easily be brought back for a series, I feel.
  • David was interesting and easy to understand, all of the information was of use.
  • a really impactful summary of the KAM approach, particularly useful as a top-up and refresher for me.
  • The workshop was the right pace and full of good content, the breakout session was the right time duration
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