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  • Finance and Operations
  • Leadership and Management

David Thomas

World class memory guy

  • World memory record holder for memorizing and reciting 100 packs of playing cards
  • Guinness record breaker for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits
  • International Grandmaster of Memory
  • World Memory Championships medallist
  • 2007 US Memory Champion
  • US memory record breaker reciting 150 digits in 5 mins

#1 bestselling author and media personality

  • Written 3 books with total readership of more than 1 million
  • Second book went #1 in The Sunday Times bestseller list
  • 500+ media appearances including BBC, Wall Street Journal, Khaleej Times,
  • Even been on The Oprah Winfrey Show!

International speaker and presentation skills coach

  • Spoken for 27 years to more than 500,000 delegates
  • Presented face to face and online in 60 countries
  • Venues have included Tower of London and Caesars Palace
  • Speaker Hall of Fame with the Academy of Chief Executives
  • Presentation skills coach working with leaders to prepare major presentations


Comments from Members:

  • David covered practical techniques and put these into practice during the session.
  • I liked the speed reading and Roman Room.
  • He simplified the reasons that speed reading and mind trapping can help me.
  • Challenged me on the initial response of “I can’t” as proved you can with practice.
  • Introduced techniques that would improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Made it fun, it also challenged me.
  • I enjoyed the interactive exercises.
  • Explained that anyone can improve their mind by practising it.
  • Gave a practical example of memory improvement and faster reading.
  • Practical techniques to improve and real examples.
  • Explained the techniques simply and gave them a context.
  • Ran through the steps to produce an effective presentation.
  • I enjoyed the stories and exercises.
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