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David Hyner


Motivational goal setting speaker, presented to over 1.2 million people globally over 23yrs.

Researcher having interviewed 250+ top achievers over 25yrs.

Inst. Sales Management – Lifetime achievement award.

Academy for Chief Executives – Speaker hall of fame.

Vistage – 14yrs speaker service.

Multiple subject no1 Amazon author.

Former BBC Radio show host.

Motivational goal setting speaker and researcher to over 1.2 MILLION delegates over 23yrs.

Raising aspirations, attainment and creating IMPACT !

“David gives you the skills and the confidence to set and achieve your MASSIVE goals!”

26.5% is the measured “average” increase in productivity when using our goal setting process.

The fun, challenging and inter-active delivery style gives you the very best high impact content from David’s 25+ years of research interviews with over 250 top achievers on the subjects of goal achievement, motivation, memory skills, purpose and productivity.  


FISM – Fellow of the Inst. for Sales Management

PSAE – professional speaking award of excellence – professional speaking association

FPSA –fellow of the professional speaking association

FLPI – fellow of the learning and performance institute

Comments from the members:

  • He challenged me to think about self purpose and values.
  • David helped me to go to the core of what’s important for me.
  • David was very engaging and able to open up the audience and encourage participation.
  • I will watch the film material to practice skills (turning insecurities into strengths), this session was exceptional.
  • Great pace, explained in a clear and concise way a basic but complicated idea.
  • Helped me to understand the difference between values and insecurities.
  • Articulated thought process by making sure the session was self reflecting.
  • David has lots of experience and great knowledge of his subject and reinforced the fluffy stuff with real world examples.
  • David made me think about the root causes of my values and insecurities and how they react / interact together.
  • Made me question the purpose and why.
  • Gave a demonstration of how to challenge / test values and insecurities, he explained that insecurities don’t need to hold you back and can be turned into values.
  • Define purpose and understand why I do what I do.
  • Light hearted approach, yet looking at myself honestly.
  • Reiterated my understanding of how I use more strengths and weaknesses to successfully make informed decisions.
  • David’s session was very engaging – every member was included and he used real life examples to demonstrate. High energy delivery. Totally excellent.
  • David kept things interesting and everyone engaged.
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