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David Hall

David J Hall has been a practicing Chief Executive for 20 years; a Chartered Engineer, he holds a PhD from Cambridge University Department of Materials Science (1984) and an MBA through the Open University (1995). Since 1984 he has worked in a range of manufacturing, service and technology transfer organisations, holding positions in engineering, marketing and manufacturing management.

A passion for creativity and innovation, and a pursuit of the perfect culture, provide a common thread throughout David’s career to date. David argues we are all inherently good at generating useful ideas – but there are occasions when we need to think differently, to introduce novelty into our problem solving, and we all find this inherently difficult.

A high energy, engaging, motivational, inspirational speaker he is focused on getting the best out of people, releasing potential and culture transformation. He believes if you get the “people thing” right, then quality products and service will follow, with profits/value to match.

Comments from members:

  • David gave great real examples to support his presentation.
  • Terrific energy, made it fun and stimulating also.
  • David made me think about how to change from just gathering useful look at problems to be more creative with novel ideas.
  • He described the blockers to creativity.
  • The “working backwards” tips has already given me an insight to a problem I have and I wasn’t even the problem “setter”!
  • Kept it fast moving and energetic, kept interest throughout the session.
  • I liked the ideas about forums to achieve creativity.
  • He highlighted the need to think differently.
  • Excellent practical tips and helpful examples of techniques with a clear explanation of concepts.
  • Questions / challenge my natural instinct to “fix a date” to address an issue.
  • Showed how coming up with daft solutions can help discover practical ones.
  • The interaction was great .The speaker was engaging and passionate about his subject and this really made you think about it.
  • Great pace, loads of enthusiasm, loads of experience.
  •  Engaging speaker, was hugely valuable.
  • Amazing. Very useful.
  • Excellent workshop – could easily be a day.
  • Enjoyed the workshop, everything worked well and timing was good.
  • Inspirational content and presentation from Dave.
  • I had an idea of how to make change when it comes to problem solving, this workshop, not only confirmed my thoughts but also helped me to put them into practice.
  • Top quality session.
  • This was an excellent session which has definitely inspired me!
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