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Calum Coburn

For over 17 years Calum has been a Negotiation Expert, consulting to multi-nationals as they navigate through their toughest deals. He delivers bespoke negotiation training solutions, including building simulations entirely around client’s commercial challenges. Calum is the CEO of The Negotiation Experts:

Calum has consulted to some of the world’s largest companies. He has assisted in closing international sales deals worth over $100M. Prior to becoming a Negotiation Expert, Calum began his London career with Accenture (then called Andersen Consulting) after qualifying as a Chartered Management Accountant. From Accenture, he moved to Diageo, and then on to British Telecom.

As a Negotiation Expert, Calum relishes in the fresh challenges his role offers. These include continuous researching, developing, and integrating tools and skills from an array of disciplines. The result is a negotiation framework that lays claim to being the world’s most comprehensive. The quality of Calum’s negotiation keynote speaking engagements reflects the array of industries he’s trained and consulted to, from both the buyer and seller sides of the table.

Comments from clients:

  • “This is one of the best courses that I have attended. The attendees inside and outside of my team still talk about it positively, and my other team members would really like to be trained as well.” Cisco
  • “Great utilization of tools & concepts that I can put to use right away.” ABB
  • “The training was excellent and is being used on a regular basis and broadly across the team.” Honeywell
  • “I was really impressed with the facilitator’s energy, dedication and professionalism.” Toyota
  • “Good pace, and balance between lecture and activity to solidify lessons. A good reminder of our last training” Shell
  • “Five years later, we had doubled the size of the business and we’re highly profitable. We saw a significant advantage in winning new business because of the negotiation skills. We also improved market share and profitability.” Emerson

Comments from members of MD2MD:

  • As a compressed and time-restricted negotiation skills course, I do not feel it could have been improved. As with any ‘one size fits all’ course, it could never cover the specific issues of my situation with my customers, but in providing the basics, and encouraging further thinking, I am confident that it will bring about better outcomes. Very helpful.
  • Great workshop, very valuable and interesting concepts, thanks.
  • Practical exercises
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