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Ayd Instone

Ayd Instone is The Innovation Catalyst, a creative director and expert speaker and performer who can help you get more productivity and profitability from you and your team’s creativity by making innovation happen. Ayd unleashes your people’s talent, helps them find their creative dynamic and inspires innovation in your business.

He is an expert in explaining and training creativity and creative confidence. He works as a keynote motivational speaker, graphic artist and brand consultant.

Using humour, original songs (often bespoke to the audience, performed on acoustic guitar) and high energy, Ayd creates a unique, entertaining and inspirational performance.

Ayd Instone set up his own branding and design business in 2001. Prior to that, he worked in television graphics and as Creative Director in multimedia companies. Ayd has performed stand-up comedy and is a singer-songwriter, having also performed with his rock band, Luma Chroma. He has a degree in Physics and exemplifies his message that creativity is a mix of science and art, logic and chaos.

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