Warren Knight

Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Transformation?

In a time of widespread digital reinvention, we know that you are under tremendous pressure to improve relationships. With an average on 9.2 touch-points before a client buys, now is the time to improve the way you leverage data to make the right decisions and improve your customer’s experience.

Warren’s one-day workshop will help you review your current digital foot-print and assess online opportunities to improve your sales and marketing issues around knowing the customer’s user journey from online to offline using tools and techniques.


When and Where?

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Top 100 Global Influencer, Digital Transformation (DX) Strategist, award-winning technology entrepreneur, blogger and author of Think #Digital First with over 10 years experience online.

Warren’s vision is to help 100,000 global businesses successfully go through a profound digital transformation of their business and organisational sales and marketing activities by 2020.

To reach this goal, Warren is helping create a radical rethinking through his certified training and professional speaking, on how organisations use technology in pursuit of building brand awareness and new revenue streams.

Comments from Members who attended this workshop:

  • Warren provided a book – I need time to digest!
  • Warren helped my understanding about content equally value e.g. articles and experience not product and service.
  • The reference to specific tools, think about ROI from digital marketing. 
  • He got me thinking around campaigns and how to target people to get the best results.
  • Warren re-emphasized my concerns, gave great tips to improve our lead generation and our prospect – customer.
  • The reminder of areas we need to improve.
  • He explained the triggers and concepts of how the engines and platforms interact.
  • Initially challenged what digitally is holding us back.
  • Made me look more intently at end to end customer journey and how I can influence the strategy to improve that journey.
  • I liked the list of tools in his book and the talk through improvements for website was very helpful.

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