Sylvia Baldock


Be Seen, Heard, Heard Of and Remembered By Developing a Powerful Personal Presence



Workshop Content:

  ‘If your presence doesn’t make an impact, your absence won’t make a difference’

Sylvia Baldock can unlock the hidden potential in you and your business by enabling you to develop a powerful presence that ensures you always stand out from the crowd and means you are seen, heard, heard of and remembered long after you have left the room!

Sylvia will share part of her own personal story to illustrate how we can all tap into our infinite potential to become the person we were born to be!

Many people think that to get noticed you need to  –

Be loud and aggressive and always be ‘right’!

Shout louder, sell, sell, sell!

Bombard your database with self-promotion emails

Flood social media platforms with posts about your offerings

Network extensively, add everyone to your database and continually ‘sell’ to them

Actually getting noticed is all about creating a powerful presence from a place of authenticity and constantly adding value to your clients, your colleagues and your team so you become a trusted advisor and supplier and known as the ‘expert’ in your field.

Sylvia will share her top tips on increasing your personal presence right now by explaining –

  1.  How to recognise, celebrate and share your uniqueness
  2. How to develop your confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem
  3. How to spend as much of your time as possible in ‘Flow’ – doing the work you love doing, are naturally talented in and do really well.
  4. How to make the right 1st impression every time.
  5. How to be seen as an ‘expert’ in your field.
  6. How to be remembered for all the right reasons.

 When and Where?

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Comments from members who attended this workshop:

  • Sylvia introduced plenty of new concepts.
  • She re-enforced the importance of being “present” and playing to your “strengths” and using the “strengths” of others.
  • Well presented-interactive and focused. Good discussion around the group.
  • I liked her open approach and the clarity of her slides.
  • Provided real life examples, stuff that was real life meaning.
  • The material given to read in preparation for the session and conduct of profile evaluation was really useful.
  • Reminded me that what I am doing is correct.
  • Delivered a simple message “Develop and be proud of yourself”

Testimonial from a  previous workshop – “Sylvia’s workshop was a fantastic opportunity to discover more about my working style and those of my colleagues. Her Talent Dynamics profiles provided the basis for some fascinating discussions out of which we believe we have made some ground-breaking changes to the way we operate as a company. Sylvia created a friendly and creative environment for all this to happen in, and we finished the day feeling inspired and empowered.”

Dr Tom Slingsby Case

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