Nikki Owen

Employee engagement is a leading indicator of financial success, according to Gallup’s research with 17 million employees spanning 30 years. In today’s tough economy employees are being tasked to achieve more with fewer resources and organisations are unwittingly perpetuating a climate of fear and uncertainty. Disengaged employees erode the bottom line. The quickest way to remove resistance from disengaged employees is to transform their thinking from a protection mechanism to one of growth. Developing the charismatic potential of the leadership team is the quickest and most effective way to achieve this. Research by Harvard Business Review and the University of Lausanne concluded that charismatic leaders are more resilient, build high levels of workforce engagement and increase their performance effectiveness by 60%.

Nikki Owen, international award-winning charisma expert, has created a blueprint to build a collaborative, high performing culture. Charismatic leaders dismantle silos and enable employees to perform at their full potential. This powerful and controversial session will challenge traditional leadership thinking and transform attitudes about the real impact of charisma.