Michael Dodd

Great Answers to Tough Questions

Standing up to tough questions can be vital to your success, the success of your team and to your bottom line.

How challenging professional questions are answered makes a big difference to how you are perceived – whether the questions are from prospects, clients, financiers or your own staff.

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Speaker: Michael Dodd

Michael shows business leaders how to become inspirational communicators.

He demonstrates how more effective, more powerful and more confident communication is a learnable skill.

Michael speaks across six continents.

His particular specialty is helping business leaders give great answers to tough questions – whether they’re questions from clients, prospects, tax officials, reporters or members of their own team.

Michael draws on his experience as an Australian political journalist, foreign correspondent and TV commentator which involved asking and answering “blowtorch-on-the-belly” questions.

He’s the author of “Great Answers To Tough Questions At Work” published by Wiley and shortlisted for the Management Book Of The Year Award: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Great-Answers-Tough-Questions-Work-x/dp/0857086391    The Express newspaper says “Every briefcase and bookshelf should have a copy.”

Michael equips audiences with the golden formulae for answering tough questions, nasty questions and annoyingly stupid questions.

He also works with business leaders to get their message across in 60 seconds – whether they’re introducing their company, talking with the perfect prospect in an elevator or conveying their vision to their team.

Michael helps MD’s and CEO’s give presentations with confidence, impact and pizzazz – to their own people, their customers and their prospects.

Michael is a Fellow of the Professional Speaking Association and has completed two terms as the President of its fast-growing London Region.

Comments from delegates who have attended his sessions:

    • Michael explained the golden rules and feedback from the question session.
    • Used real examples and audience participation to show the teaching in practice rather than abstract.
    • Good interaction that engaged the group.
    • He put us on the spot and made us feel uncomfortable in a good way.
    • Showed a proven method that will help with the questions going forward.
    • Critiqued each attendees response in order to give an holistic view of what to consider.
    • Explained the concept clearly and gave examples.
    • Used my challenge to drill technique in front of audience. A great session – Thank you!
    • Identified weakness in the manner in which I currently respond to tough questions.
    • Take time to pause, respond and emphasise parts of response.
    • Focus on (A,B,C,D,E) and practice asking and answering questions.
    • Michael provided lots of examples and I appreciated his personal observations on individuals presentations.
    • He gave us all an opportunity to try it and feedback.
    • Michael opens our views from a different angle, so to increase the way and content to present answers to tough questions.
    • Michael was extremely engaging and his use of examples brought his session to life.