Julie Holmes

Farming Customers for Growth, Profit and Value

Sales professionals are often described as Hunters (new sales) and Farmers (existing customer growth). Both are essential to an organization but it’s the Farmers that deliver customer lifetime value. When they properly plant, cultivate and grow those accounts, they’ll be able to harvest revenue and value for years to come. This workshop walks through the customer growth cycle including tracking health, spotting harvest opportunities, recognizing the locusts and weeds and how to get everyone in the company to tend the fields.

Actionable Take-aways:

  • Understanding the customer growth cycle and tips for keeping customers “above the line”.
  • Knowing when it’s time to harvest value from your customers and what you should be collecting from them.
  • Apply these principles to focus your sales and marketing efforts to identify your Perfect Prospect so your hunters can go get more of them.
  • Putting together a language for your company that will help everyone to see the value in cultivating customers.

When and Where?

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Having spent nearly 20 years in delivery and leadership of sales, marketing and product strategy, Julie Holmes helped to grow a host of international, multi-million-dollar enterprise tech companies. From startups to behemoths, she knows what works to identify, get, keep and grow the customers that will make a business successful. Julie is also an entrepreneur in her own right as a creator/co-founder of a tech gear startup that launched in the autumn of 2017.

Comments from Members who attended this workshop:

  • Engaging stories – good speaker.
  • By describing simply what things look like.
  • Julie used real life examples, the process and systems were useful.
  • Gave examples of easy-wins that I can share with my team.
  • Gave me time to think – what does good look like in terms of the clients we work with.
  • Helped me and sales manager to take time to analyse accounts.
  • I liked the way she linked the housing sector with the customer journey.
  • Julie provided templates to use in our own business and further handouts for me to use back at the office.
  • Interactive and involved.  Made us think and share idea’s from all levels.
  • She was really engaging, kept things fresh and relevant.
  • Explained how there are a lot of small things that can help the customer journey.

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