Floyd Woodrow

Elite Leadership and Performance

Floyd delivers a very interactive workshop, introducing a number of key performance principles that he has seen used in elite organisations. Floyd will describe his Compass for Life which is a unique approach that brings together the best aspects of leadership training currently available into a simple, concise, and effective framework.  Floyd will enable you to understand your Super North Star (the North pointer on the compass), a clear unambiguous statement of intent that draws you forward.  He will help you identify your current start point and how to be a great strategist (the South cardinal on your compass) and more importantly how to ensure your team fully understand how to support you on your journey.  Floyd will outline the importance of having a strong ethos (the East cardinal on your compass) and team code of conduct. Finally he will discuss the warrior element of the compass (the West cardinal), which is your strength of character to get to each of the milestones that you have set yourself.


At the end of a very interactive workshop, Floyd will introduce you to a number of key performance principles that he has seen used in elite organisations. The four key pillars of this are:

  • Super North Star (a clear and unambiguous statement of intent).
  • Strategy (the key principles that define the best strategist).
  • Ethos (your values and team code of conduct).
  • Warrior (your ability to be mentally and physically resilient and strength of character).

He will enable you to understand how to ensure your compass is in equilibrium and more importantly where you want to go in the future as an individual and as an organisation.

When and Where?

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Floyd Woodrow is the Managing Director and founder of Chrysalis Worldwide, a world leading values-based organisation. Floyd has an excellent track record of
success as a Military Leader, Director, Non-Executive Director, Consultant and Negotiator. Floyd is challenging, supportive and totally committed to developing elite
teams and individuals as well as offering practical and commercial value in strategic planning and execution.

Floyd has established an international reputation for designing and running leadership and elite performance training in sports, business, government, police, not for
profit organisations and education.

Floyd’s early career was as a soldier in the Parachute Regiment. He spent four years with the 1st Battalion Regiment before joining the Special Air Service at the age of 22. During this time he was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his work in Iraq and an MBE for his work in Afghanistan. During his time in the military Floyd studied law
and psychology and wrote his first book “Learning to Learn”.

Since leaving the military Floyd established his consultancy business and became a director of a number of companies in the
oil and gas industry, technology and finance.

Floyd regularly lectures on leadership all over the world, recently winning a prestigious award as a high performing speaker. Floyd wrote
his second book Elite “the secret to Elite Leadership and Performance in 2012 which reached the final of the people’s book prize. His third book has just been published and is called The Warrior, The Strategist and You and outlines the “Compass for Life model for leadership and life”.

And in his own words, I was given many leadership roles at a young age, but I never really understood what leadership actually was until my mid-thirties. I wish I had been taught some of the things I now know much earlier in my life. There is no doubt in my mind that there is a common thread to the most talented people in the world and I enjoy showing people what that is.

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other people’s writings so that you shall come easily by what others have laboured hard for”. Socrates

Comments from Members who attended this workshop:

  • Strong delivery – live examples – impressive resume.
  • The values of leadership and getting the balance right.
  • Displayed good visional interpretations, opened my mind to new aspects of thinking personal and team related.
  • Broke down the necessary requirements for achieving my goals making it easy to understand and put into practice.
  • Kept the right balance between theory, practice and interaction.
  • A well run workshop session that was challenging and engaging throughout. He helped to give belief in own abilities and to enable others to help achieve goals.
  • He challenged my thought process and offered consideration of the impact on others – perhaps not previously considered adequately.
  • Motivational and made me feel good about my achievements.
  • His video examples were excellent, very engaging presentation.
  • I thought the compass for life was both simple and very thought provoking.
  • Identified a target to aim for.
  • Very thought provoking in terms of looking at myself as a leader.
  • Challenged us to look at / score where we / I am now. How can we grow develop first.
  • Helped me think more about myself, it was all very valuable.
  • Clarity, authentic, atmosphere of reflection, it was very well articulated.

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‘Leadership is a matter of intelligence, trustworthiness, humaneness, courage, and discipline . . . Reliance on intelligence alone results in rebelliousness. Exercise of humaneness alone results in weakness. Fixation on trust results in folly. Dependence on the strength of courage results in violence. Excessive discipline and sternness in command result in cruelty. When one has all five virtues together, each appropriate to its function, then one can be a leader.’   
Sun Tzu


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“Floyd Woodrow delivers a masterclass in turning strategy into action, purpose into everyday practice. This is a field manual for achieving sustained high performance and a life well led. Inspiring” – James Kerr, author of Legacy


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“A compelling read – insightful, imaginative, and without a doubt, inspirational” – Bernard Hogan-Howe, Metropolitan Police Commissioner