David Hyner

Life by accident…… or on purpose

In this session David will share the process that helps us to define what is right for us to be doing and make MUCH better decisions..*   learn how to identify what is RIGHT for you to be doing!
*   see why most people make BAD decisions
*   understand yourself better than most people EVER do!
*   you know what you do… but do you know why?
*   …bring a pen and paper….. and your positive attitude !
A bit of a “deep dive” session with huge interaction through group work and discussion.


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SPEAKER: DAVID HYNER  psa fpsa flpi alam abnlp

Since selling his catering and event business in 2000, he has become a researcher into personal effectiveness and goal setting, and a multiple award winning speaker, presenting to between 10,000 – 50,000 people every year globally.
Fun, Challenging and inter-active.  
He is also a Fellow (FPSA) of the Professional Speaking Association (P.S.A.), has hosted various 1 hour BBC Radio shows on positive thinking, is an accomplished author of audio and written development programs (twice Amazon no.1 co-author) and has raised over £500,000 for charities in his spare time!

Comments from the members who attended this session:

He challenged me to think about self purpose and values.
David helped me to go to the core of what’s important for me.
David was very engaging and able to open up the audience and encourage participation.
I will watch the film material to practice skills (turning insecurities into strengths), this session was exceptional.
Great pace, explained in a clear and concise way a basic but complicated idea.
Helped me to understand the difference between values and insecurities.
Articulated thought process by making sure the session was self reflecting.
David has lots of experience and great knowledge of his subject and reinforced the fluffy stuff with real world examples.
David made me think about the root causes of my values and insecurities and how they react / interact together.
Made me question the purpose and why.
Gave a demonstration of how to challenge / test values and insecurities, he explained that insecurities don’t need to hold you back and can be turned into values.
Define purpose and understand why I do what I do.
Light hearted approach, yet looking at myself honestly.
Reiterated my understanding of how I use more strengths and weaknesses to successfully make informed decisions.