Cliff Burgin

Pricing Strategy and Tactics

Cliff’s approach to pricing is not the dry accountant’s view but draws heavily on the practical application of behavioural psychology. He is a visiting lecturer at the universities of Leeds and Huddersfield.  In his workshops he shares some of his techniques that give him an uncanny ability to unearth profit through pricing.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • Why addressing price will make you more profit than pretty much anything else you could do
  • How behavioural psychology explains why most businesses habitually under-price
  • Some simple thinking tools to help members work out how much a customer is expecting to pay
  • What makes a product or service price sensitive… or more importantly price insensitive
  • How changing they way you price rather than the price itself can win market share
  • A simple technique for value based pricing
  • The group will use the thinking models and understanding gained in the first half of the workshop to address real life pricing issues suggested by members


  • Wednesday 18th April 2018 – Upper Thames – Swindon
  • Tuesday 25th September 2018 – Heart of England – Leamington Spa
  • Wednesday 26th September 2018 – Heart of England – Leamington Spa



Before setting up Burgin Associates, Cliff’s career took him through some of the UK’s leading brands. He devised international marketing strategies for Cape, EAC, Universal, Sellotape and Dunlop Hiflex. He left the position of Group Managing Director of the €130m Dunlop Hiflex Organisation in 2006 to establish his own consultancy business specialising in pricing and commercial strategy. His firm is now the darling of the mid-market private equity firms in the City, working with their investments as far afield as the USA and China. Although he is often asked to speak on the subject, first and foremost he is a practitioner in his field. His workshops are peppered with real-life examples from the two hundred and fifty or so businesses he has worked with from every sector imaginable including many household names.


      • He gave me the courage of my convictions regarding increasing prices.
      • The early focus was good as it made me reflect on my business.
      • I found the advice on E-auction helpful.
      • Worked well with real world situations.
      • Cliff interacted well with the group and gave the opportunity for example issues.
      • The exercise – Listening to others issues and hearing the language and theory being put into practice.
      • Thought provoking – good practical examples.
      • Highlighted the importance and impact of price on bottom line.
      • He reminded me about refining value to customer.
      • Fantastic facilitation of my particular pricing issue. Cliff prompted me on a number of pricing strategies I can revisit.

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