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Speaker: Barnaby Wynter

Barnaby Wynter Marketing Disruptor, Keynote Speaker, Paleontologist, Founder of The Brand Bucket Company, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Marketing and Rebrand Expert.

In 1999 Barnaby became the youngest MD of a Top 200 advertising agency in the UK and purchased that agency in 2001. There he refined the many techniques and tools that can now be transferred to groups and teams in a workshop situation, helping people change their thinking, approach and outcomes to build branded businesses.

He is a sought after face of experience for the last 29 years through his unique marketing engagement methodology, The Brand Bucket, with over 470 brand launches to his name.

Approachable, humorous, super dedicated and highly professional and is currently working with Recruitment GeniusJust Cashflowkompli-global, Children with Cancer UK and Lara Group PLC.

His dynamic approach is designed to be thought provoking and inspiring in equal measure. Barnaby draws on his unique position as Communications Director of a PLC, Brand Owner and Strategic Creative Lead on a wide range of businesses to enable audiences to really understand what is working to create a powerful brand today.

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