Anthony Stears

It’s good to talk – Conducting crucial conversations confidently

The Telephone Assassin is on a mission to get businesses talking again and stop people from hiding behind their emails and social media. Helping clients to get in front of more of their ideal customers and getting more business from their existing customers. Anthony has made calls for a huge range of business and when he found himself as the sales or marketing manager for 5 different companies all at the same time, he realised that his growing waiting list of clients needed to be serviced too. After working closely with an NLP master trainer he was able to teach people to “fish for themselves” as he started to really understand the power of his communication style, so combined with the structure he had developed, Anthony began to run a Telemarketing Masterclass.

This is an interactive session designed to highlight the basic principles to telephone success, showing people how to stay in control of their conversations and how to make every call count. You’ll find out the 3 simple steps required to get people to take action and we’ll be looking specifically at how these apply to YOUR business.

Bring along the biggest challenge your team face when on the phone and you’ll get answers that will make a difference.


When and Where?

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SPEAKER: Anthony Stears

Anthony is a leading expert on Telephone Engagement, specialising in helping business to improving Customer Service levels and Sales results over the phone.

His approach is particularly effective for cultivating those low volume, high value sales leads that are not normally responsive to cold calls, and working with account managers to “Up-Serve” their existing clients. Proving that “Service Drives Sales” no matter what you do.

Whether you’re looking to increase your conversion rate on incoming leads/enquiries, or find more opportunities to win business with both New or Existing customers, we guarantee to help you improve any ANY KPI within the business.

Comments from Members who attended this workshop:

  • Anthony made me think about the sales process and explained the point scoring system.
  • He tried to adapt techniques for different types of businesses.

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