Storytelling: Bring a little bit of Hollywood to your communications

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 6th July 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-11:00am
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Most business stories are the human equivalent of a stranger you meet at a party who talks endlessly about themselves. Before long, you’re looking over their shoulder for someone more interesting. And that could be your competitor.

Chief Storyteller Chris Hewitt, will show you how to filter your message through a six-step story process and end up with something much more engaging and memorable.

This will bring clarity to your pitch and in turn, win hearts, minds and more exposure for your business.

Through storytelling, sales pitches become more successful, social media posts more shareable, content more colourful. You will be able to power-up your presentations so that they become more memorable. In fact, the intimacy created by storytelling, will improve your relationships, and even create lasting friendships with your clients. 

Why? Because we all love a good storyteller. We all like listening to someone who can entertain us. Hold our attention. Not because of what they say or do, but because of how they make us feel.

Why attend?

This session will help you to become a more charismatic
communicator at the podium, in a meeting or while giving a presentation.

Other benefits include:

  • Sales and marketing presentations are elevated above the mundane 
  • PR becomes more persuasive 
  • Marketing content more compelling
  • HR reduces staff churn and attracts new talent
  • Web sites and video content becomes more memorable
  • Speeches and presentations become more engaging
  • Social media becomes more shareable


  • Lessons from the great storytellers of our time with relevant case studies
  • The business case for storytelling
  • Applying your new storytelling skills to internal and external stakeholders 
  • Email and PowerPoint presentations – how to make them more memorable
  • Video examples and ideas to inspire your team
  • Understanding the six-part story formula used by the world of entertainment
  • Interactive brainstorm to shape your business future presentations
  • Tangible stories you can immediately take into the field

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