MD2MD Scotland

Introducing Jonathan Warner, Group Director for MD2MD Scotland

Jonathan is a seasoned director and mentor with a passion for fostering a collaborative environment for Scottish business leaders. He understands the complexities of navigating today’s operational hurdles while keeping a strategic eye on the future.

Building a Community for Growth

At MD2MD, we recognise the importance of peer-to-peer learning and development for business leaders. Our membership structure caters to your specific needs, providing a platform to address current operational challenges while charting your long-term strategic course.

Leadership and Collaboration

Jonathan is dedicated to building a strong community of Scottish business leaders. He will work closely with businesses across Scotland to identify and address the unique challenges they face. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, this community will empower its members to overcome obstacles and achieve sustainable growth.

Your Online Business Leader Group

Specifically for you the business leader, each cross sector group has a facilitator to ensure the smooth running of the meeting as well as a dedicated group manager to support you.

The essence of each group is centred around the ‘challenge board method’, a unique, yet simple set of steps to unpack a challenge being faced.

Each group meets online 8 times a year.

Your In Person Business Leader Group

In Spring and Autumn all Business Leader Groups meet up in person.

The face to face meetings themselves comprise of:

  • evening before:
    • Private dining and a chance to socialise – overnight accommodation available at an extra charge
  • in the morning:
    • A speaker led workshop open to the business leader and two relevant members of their senior management team
  • in the afternoon:
    • A confidential leadership challenge board discussion open to the business leader


Your Annual Conference - LeaderFest

A chance to meet with all members and guests, where we adapt our core approach of leaders learning with and from leaders to a larger scale by interviewing experienced and interesting business leaders on stage.

More importantly, we encourage you to engage directly with them through questions and answers from the audience and through private conversations with them and with fellow business leaders between interviews.

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Women in Leadership for you or your team

This group is a confidential, safe space dedicated to challenges women in leadership face. Although some of the challenges that women face may also be faced by other genders, the McKinsey Report shows that men are promoted or hired based on their potential and yet women are promoted or hired based on their track record and that they are statistically given less management support,  meaning that women are facing challenges which can be specific to their gender.

The group meets each month with rotating discussion meetings and interactive speaker workshops and is open to you the business leader or one of your senior team.

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Your Events

Curated specifically for you, these meetings cover a range of topical, trending and relevant content to suit your needs. From expert-led interactive workshops where the subject-matter expert digs into a specific topic providing you with valuable bite sized takeaways, to special interest groups.

These events are the perfect forum to include your senior team and attendance is unlimited.

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Your Membership Fees

The monthly fee of £425 includes all of the features above, as well as catering at in person events.

Fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually by direct debit or standing order.

There is no joining fee and only 1 months notice period for ceasing membership.

Full membership benefits and Terms


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