What sectors does MD2MD serve?

Our members come from a very wide variety of sectors so whether you are running a small, fast growing technology based company just post start-up, or an established retailer, distributor or manufacturer, you will probably find in our membership companies with similarities to yours.

Likewise whether you are an owner manager, the sole shareholder or main shareholder, or the employer professional business leader you will probably find others like you at meetings.

Although you will find some commonality, you will also find in each group a significant variety of other sectors and backgrounds. This is an important benefit of membership. Whilst you will find some benefit and much common ground working with people like yourself, most of us know our industry and how it operates and already have many contacts who know our sector.

We know from twenty year’s experience with groups like this that you will gain many further benefits by hearing from, and being challenged by, the alternative perspectives of senior business leaders with different experience who express different views based on different perspectives and assumptions.

For the same reason, we have a small number of bursary places available for the leaders of not-for-profit organisations.

This mix of sectors is also important for reasons of confidentiality and conflict of interest. Our discussions often deal with some of the most sensitive and challenging matters. All members commit to confidentiality, and the key limitation we place on ourselves is that there must be no material conflict of interest between members of the same group.

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