Which Sectors Does MD2MD Serve?

Our members work in a vast range of sectors. Whether you are leading a fast-growth technology startup or an established retailer, distributor, or manufacturer, these meetings will be relevant and valuable to you. Whilst we embrace commonality, part of what makes MD2MD so effective is the rich variety of sectors and backgrounds among our members.

MD2MD Sectors

From twenty years of experience, we know that you will gain huge advantages when learning with – and being challenged by – the alternative perspectives of senior business leaders. The mix of different industry experience provides a fantastic variety of insight and knowledge.

We also welcome a blend of sectors to ensure confidentiality and remove conflict of interest. Our discussions often deal with the most sensitive and challenging leadership matters. All members commit to confidentiality, and there must be no material conflict of interest between any members of the same group.  

We also have a number of bursary places available for leaders of not-for-profit organisations.

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To those who wish to learn with and from fellow business leaders, we extend an invitation to attend a MD2MD meeting as our guest. This is an opportunity to start fruitful relationships, enjoy useful conversations, and gain valuable business insights.