Robyn Pearce

Since 1992 Robyn Pearce’s practical and common sense approach to time-associated subjects has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world improve their productivity and time management. She lives in New Zealand and works world-wide.Robyn has published 8 productivity-related books, is a regular columnist for several newspapers and magazines and her e-newsletter/blog is received by over 10,000 subscribers world-wide – www.BetterTimeManagementHabits.com

Her practical message and empathy connects people to their own issues – and shows them how to win their time challenges! As well as over twenty one years specialising in the business of productivity and working with clients across the globe, she speaks from her experiences as a mother of six children who spent some years on social welfare after a marriage breakup, then a top selling but burnt-out real estate agent. (And those children have taken seriously the injunction to ‘go forth and multiply’ – there are now 15 grandchildren who fill every ‘spare’ minute.)

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