Membership is by mutual agreement. If you qualify (for details see here) and are considering membership we invite you to experience MD2MD for yourself without cost or commitment. Simply complete the form below.

Why do you offer a free guest place?

  • If you qualify, we are confident YOU will find it an enjoyable, interesting and most importantly valuable day of learning with and from fellow business leaders. The value of MD2MD is better experienced and demonstrated than explained!
  • Our MEMBERS welcome the opportunity to meet and share experiences with fellow Managing Directors – as long as they are attending with a mind open to learning how to raise their game as a business leader and not to pitch, of course.
  • From the MD2MD point of view we’ll have raised our brand profile and you might just reciprocate the goodwill by introducing us to someone else!

And that’s the worst case!  The best case for us all is much better:

YOU realise how valuable membership can be in driving the success of your business and want to become a member to get similar inspiration to raise your game every month, MEMBERS recognise that you will bring an additional dimension to the group and invite you to join them as a great new colleague and MD2MD gains a customer.

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