New members information page

All the information you need to get the best out of the meeting.

Make time to save time!

Find out how just 90 minutes every 3 weeks can make a big difference. Just a small amount of your time can give a huge return!

Peer challenge board meeting

Please be ready with a challenge so that we can maximise the value you get from your time in the meeting.

Your fellow members value your input and attending regularly builds the strong relationships that deliver the best outcome for all so please try to attend every meeting. In the exceptional situation where missing the meeting is unavoidable please let us know as soon as you can, if possible with an update that we can pass on to members.


The objective of this complimentary period is for you to:

  • Meet with members and build mutually beneficial relationships
  • Experience the MD2MD process in full and gain value from
    – discussing your challenges – gaining alternative perspectives
    – discussing other business challenges – practical and real leadership case studies
  • Talk to members in private if you wish and take up references from them about the value of MD2MD

Speaker led workshops

Whilst the core of MD2MD is business leader to business leader conversations at the confidential peer challenge board meetings, your online membership also includes attendance at one speaker led workshop each month. To that session you can bring members of your team at a very nominal cost.

These workshops compliment the focus of our peer challenge boards by providing members with practical best practice insights into an aspect of business and leadership presented by national and international level professional speakers. We publish the schedule on our website, send out a list regularly and invite you to choose the workshop of most value to you each month.

Forthcoming speaker events


We have booked a call following your attendance to the challenge board meeting and a speaker workshop. We owe it to both you and our existing members to ensure there is a mutual fit before arranging for payment of your subscription of £245 plus VAT per month. Payment is one month at a time – and with MD2MD you are never tied in! You can choose to leave at any time, although lots of great business leaders stay members for many years.

Our goal: valuable MD to MD interaction

We look forward to meeting you online and demonstrating to you further the power of MD2MD membership. We are sure you will find comparing notes with fellow business leaders facing similar challenges real.