MD2MD or networking?

Whilst there are some similarities with networking, the purpose and practice of MD2MD is rather different. So which is right depends upon your priority.

In simple terms is it being the best leader you can be or is it generating leads? Both are important business activities. Below are some of the key differences between MD2MD and a typical networking event:


  • Purpose – To drive overall success in business
  • Why attend – To be the best leader you can be and by doing so to drive the success of your business
  • Attendees – The same dozen or so people that you get to know well
  • Attendee roles – Managing Director or similar business leader
  • Speakers – National and international standard professionals paid well to deliver to you maximum return for your time
  • Relationship – Close and trusting based on long term mutual support

Typical networking

  • Purpose – To grow revenues
  • Why attend – To meet new people, build new relationships and find new opportunities
  • Attendees – Lots of different attendees each time
  • Attendee roles – Variable and rarely limited to the business leader
  • Speakers – Enthusiastic business people volunteering to speak to promote themselves or their business
  • Relationship – Brief and limited unless a mutual opportunity is identified 

You’ll find MD2MD a place where you can gain ideas on how to drive the success of your business and to develop your thinking on difficult and sensitive challenges. A place where your peers offer you advice based on invaluable, real world experience. A place where you gain satisfaction from contributing your own knowledge to help others.

All in all MD2MD is a place for those with a common aim; to inspire outstanding leadership performance and develop world class businesses.

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