Neil Denny

Neil Denny is a sought after writer and presenter on conflict issues. He is the author of the book Conversational Riffs and also The Collaborative Law Companion, Jordans 2011.

He is also a consultant collaborative lawyer with the award winning Family Law in Partnership in Covent Garden and a Director of learning and development with allLD Learning and Development.
Neil writes frequently on conflict issues for law and business journals and presents to organisations on how conflict impacts upon workplace relationships, individuals and teams. He has presented across England and Wales and North America. His clients include schools, local education authorities, lawyer groups and limited companies.

Neil’s aim is to reduce the cost of conflict on organisations and families alike by equipping us all with the skills and insights that the very best mediators and conflict resolution experts know and use every day.

When and Where?

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Comments from Members on this workshop:

  • Neil explained the stages of conflict so that I understood and can manage the process.
  • Illustrated an alternative and structured way to deal with conflict.
  • He covered the course content in a thorough manner.
  • I now understand my role in conflict and how to change or think how to change.
  • The speaker injected real life situations that all could relate to and used humour to maintain momentum in the talk.
  • Equated it to parenthood.
  • Gave a process to follow in disputes that can work prior to full on dispute.
  • Gave real life examples / demonstrated techniques to clarify. Used visual models.
  • He made me aware I don’t listen to the whole conversation.
  • Highlighted the importance of not defending!
  • Introduced a number of relevant models.
  • Theory behind and real case analysis.
  • Excellent background and knowledge of subject.
  • Understand that conflict is very predictable and clear methods exist to resolve it.
  • Clear concise. Utilised simplistic stories / examples of behaviour to illustrate impact.

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