Monitor your growth in 2024

Confidential group to plot your growth across the year, with the help of peer input and content related workshops

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Objective of the group

The aim of the group is that attendees can:

  1. set clear and focused growth goals
  2. monitor progress on those goals regularly through the year
  3. be both supported and challenged by other members of the group
  4. receive specific expert input on challenges the group share
  5. make good decisions based on the peer group and expert input

How progress is tracked


  • Revenue
  • Profit (measured in whatever way is appropriate to the business)
  • Staff numbers
  • 3-5 KPI stats specific to the business

These details are not disclosed to the rest of the group. They will be collated by MD2MD into percentage progress against the stated goals.

At the beginning of each meeting, MD2MD shares a graph showing how well everyone is making progress against their stated goals as a percentage and attendees will give aupdate in the context of the graph on what’s going well and what they need to do to do even better.



Group discussions and workshops

The group will meet six times over the year blending peer group discussions with expert speaker led content. Three of the meetings will be peer group discussions.  After each peer group discussion the most common challenges will be assessed and a workshop prepared to address that specific topic as the core of a second meeting a week later. So the meetings will alternate between peer to peer input on immediate challenges, followed by an expert workshops presented by Bob to address challenges identified as common to the group.

What does Monitor your growth membership include?

3 Peer Challenge Boards and 3 Workshops across the year.


Discussion Group

Thursday 6th June 9.30 – 11am

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Thursday 13th June 9.30 – 11am

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Discussion Group

Thursday 3rd October 9.30 – 11am

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Thursday 10th October 9.30 – 11am

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Membership Fee

Included at no extra cost for MD2MD members and their senior team.

For non members, the monthly fee is £100 or £1150 on annual payment.

Fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or annually by direct debit or standing order. There is no joining fee and only 1 month’s notice period for ceasing membership.

This group is run by

Bob Bradley

Bob, founder of MD2MD, is a specialist in running high value added service businesses, having run five such businesses as General Manager, Managing Director or Chief Executive. He is now following a portfolio career providing entrepreneurial business leaders with mentoring and coaching around business leadership, business growth, merger integration and exit planning.