Mergers and Acquisitions Special Interest Group

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Objective of group

As a facilitated peer group discussion, this is a chance for you to learn from each other; from real leaders not experts. You’ll have the chance to share ideas and experiences with one another while we explore any difficulties you decide to bring to the discussion. The aim is that attendees will have a better understanding of Mergers and Acquisitions. Whether you have specific challenges, or have been through it yourself and have some wisdom to impart, we would encourage you to attend this group.
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This group is run by

Dominic Marlow

Dominic is an experienced advisor to small businesses. Having handled numerous M&A transactions and advised owners on related matters, he has a very firm grasp of the emotions, trials and tribulations involved in running/developing businesses. He also has an uncanny ability of exposing issues and solutions quickly.

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This group meets online on Tuesdays from 9.30am – 11.00am.

The 2024 meeting dates are: 30th Jan, 23rd Apr, 23rd Jul and 8th Oct.

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Upcoming workshops that may be of interest

How to add value to your business

For many entrepreneurs, the purpose of starting a business is ultimately to sell it. But what factors make some businesses more valuable than others, and how can you maximise your equity when the time comes to exit?

Hosted by corporate finance advisor BCMS sponsors of LeaderFest 2023.  This session explores the ways in which you can fine tune your business to make it more attractive to potential buyers and investors.

Together, we’ll look at the most important areas for focus (including quality of revenues, customer concentration, your senior management team, and financial reporting) as well as discussing the classic ‘red flags’ that might reduce value in the eyes of today’s risk-averse buyers.

We’ll also highlight the importance of benchmarking against your sector-specific KPIs, and offer tips on how to design a ‘growth plan’ that will proactively drive value in your company.

We can also cover the topic of business valuation itself, and how buyers/investors see value differently. Valuation is an art, and not a science!

In an open Q&A session (under Chatham House rules!) we can explore topics specific to you and your business.


  • Understanding what buyers prize in a target acquisition
  • Understanding how the market might value you against your competitors
  • Tips on future-proofing for an eventual sale
  • Tips on how to scale for a sale and maximise your company’s attractiveness in the marketplace
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Insights, books and podcasts


Read our guest blog written by Everyman Legal, the Ownership Transition Specialists, discussing the strategic issues on the timing of an exit.

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No two exit experiences are exactly alike. Some people wind up happy with the process and satisfied with the way it turned out, while others look back on it as a nightmare. The question that author, Bo Burlingham, hopes to answer in this book is why. What did the people with ‘good’ exits do differently from those who’d had ‘bad’ exits?’

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Record deal volumes and expectations of accelerated paths to value creation are forcing companies to think differently. Companies are integrating transformation earlier in the deal journey, breaking down traditional approaches, developing best-of-breed capabilities, and capturing the benefits. Listen to this podcast to learn about the strategy transforming M&A and super charging value creation.

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