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Charles Dall'Omo

Company: Train Together

Role: Managing Director

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Charles’ vision is to facilitate sustainable positive impact in the local communities in which he works and lives by enabling employers and individuals to develop skills and the confidence that will revolutionise their everyday lives and gain qualifications that recognise the excellence of the service they provide.

Train Together are an independent training provider based out of Leicestershire, specialising in education, facilities, financial and healthcare sectors. Charles founded Train Together in 2010. His goal was to create an organisation that empowered and offered opportunities to its team. He also wanted to deliver exceptional training and teaching that would build confidence and offer support. Charles loves understanding and linking things which seem at first distant and complex. Therefore, an aim of Train Together is to unpack the funded learning and development world so it’s easy to understand, digest and engage with. Charles measures his success based on the impact Train Together has on a person’s life and how they can make a difference to the world with their employer clients, learners and stakeholders.

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Joining MD2MD has helped me to widen my point of view as I listen to other MDs and can gain insights from them. My business coaching skills have also improved since being a member of MD2MD.

Charles was approached through LinkedIn and then went on to meet Bob. He was invited to join on a trial basis and decided to join. Charles says that what he liked about MD2MD is that he wasn’t pushed into making any decisions, so when he joined us he was ready and it was in his own time.

Charles says that joining MD2MD has helped him to widen his point of view as he listens to other MDs and gets ideas from them. Charles is a professional business coach, and he claims that the skills which he has gained/improved upon since joining MD2MD have improved his business coaching skills! 

In particular, Charles places an emphasis on the high quality of our speaker workshops and says that picking one each month is a tough decision. He gets many actionable takeaways from the speaker workshops and uses their content to inspire others.

Charles recently attended David Ventura’s workshop ‘Key Account Management’ and explains why this workshop was so beneficial. Charles says that the workshop made him realise that he was not linking his internal business processes with the impact on the learner, employer or regulators. The workshop was even more relevant as Charles was looking at Train Together’s learner journey at the time with his team. He realised that he needed to think about the learner’s journey in more depth as most of Train Together’s clients stay for a long period of time – so their journey is crucial. The next day, Charles used what he had learnt in his meeting and got excellent feedback from his team. They’re now in the process of creating a process map.

Charles also talks highly of the bottom line commercial value which the workshops have for his business. He says that they help him to gain the skills needed to have great relationships with clients. He gains many simple tips to keep customers happy.

Finally, when discussing other workshops which Charles has attended through MD2MD, he adds that he would recommend speakers Julie Holmes and Grant Leboff. He says they (along with David) cover a lot of content, and are very personable/real.