MD2MD Members

MD2MD members are operational leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders

Diverse groups of people like you – Operational business leaders

We use the term MD2MD to illustrate that the essence of your membership is your relationships with peers. Engaging with other leaders like you Managing Director to Managing Director.  (MD to MD)

Our community is interestingly diverse with members based internationally and across different sectors. We use the term Managing Director buy actually your role may very well be Chief Executive, Executive Chairman, Senior Partner or Managing Partner. What is critical is that you are the Operational Leader of a business or business like unit.  It doesn’t even matter whether you are running a business.  We welcome members from the third and public sectors too.    Some people with other titles such as General Manager or Chief Operating Officer may qualify too.   And others, usually in the City, that use the title Managing Director but who are not operational leaders don’t qualify.

You are Operational if it is your role to develop the business plan and then deliver against it. In planning you’ll be balancing long term investment and short term profit, sales and marketing, operational efficiency and quality and, development and growth. In delivering against the plan you’ll be developing and managing people, structures and teams using policies, processes and systems to deliver financial and non financial outcomes.

This probably means you lead tens or hundreds of staff as if you have more staff than that your role is probably as a strategic leader who employs Managing Directors to do the practical stuff of running the individual business units.

You are the Leader if your challenge is more about getting others to do things than it is about getting things done. Indeed, making that transition is itself a key challenge  for many who join MD2MD.  You probably gained your first leadership role because you were good at deciding and doing.  Many like you join MD2MD when they realise that making that personal transition to leadership is critical to sustaining growth as the business scales. Businesses often plateau when there are too many people and processes for the leader to get things done simply by being good at deciding and doing themselves.

This probably means you lead tens or hundreds of staff as if you have less than ten staff you probably spend most of your time doing: developing, selling and delivering.

You suit MD2MD membership if you…

  • Are ambitious for greater business success, you want to lead your team to that success, and you know that you cannot achieve it by yourself
  • Have the humility to recognise that everyone – no matter how brilliant and experienced – can become an even better leader
  • Are willing to challenge and be challenged with differing views, constructive questions and alternative insights
  • Want to learn from a diverse, international group of experienced business leaders
  • Are an operational leader managing profit and loss, and making decisions on priorities and people

And if your organisation is…

  • Sufficiently established that you succeed mainly by leading effectively rather than doing it yourself.
    Usually this means you lead a team of tens or hundreds and you have revenues from £500k to £50m
  • Growing, or you’ve grown in the past and have the resources to get back to growth
  • Are ambitious to drive greater success (however you define it)
  • Leading a private, public*, or third* sector business or business unit

If this describes you, why not apply for trial membership without cost or commitment.

Valuing different perspectives

We all know our sector and how it works … and usually have many contacts within it. The value of MD2MD is getting insights and advice from a diverse group of peers.

They may work in a different country or sector; perhaps within a different ownership structure or operational scale, or maybe they are a different age or career stage.

Whatever their situation their role is to provide alternative perspectives whilst understanding the challenges you face as the leader who ultimately has to make the difficult decisions and drive the success of the business!

Review some example member profiles here

MD2MD membership includes

  • meeting your group privately for structured conversations about business challenges online, and if you choose face to face.
  • attending workshops led by world class speakers sharing best practice on a wide range of leadership topics.
  • joining our annual conference LeaderFest and our two day ‘Retreat to advance’ to develop / clarify your medium term plan.

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Forthcoming events

january 2022

wed12jan9:00 am10:30 amGetting a grip on time—tips and tricks to manage time even when everything’s topsy-turvy!Robyn Pearce9:00 am - 10:30 am

wed19jan9:30 am11:00 amHow to stay fit to lead in 2022Celynn Morin9:30 am - 11:00 am

wed26janAll DayHeavyweight conversations - making the calls only a Director can makeAnthony Stears(All Day: wednesday)