The Format of MD2MD Meetings

Time is precious, and leaders get bogged down in the detail far too often.
When joining MD2MD, you commit to one day per month to work smarter not harder. You’ll be working ON your business, not IN your business.

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What Happens at MD2MD Meetings?

Day-long peer group meetings enable you to implement actions the very next day. A month later you can feed progress back to peers, and form new constructive ideas. This is Kaizen leadership: the process of continuous improvement. It will raise your game and revolutionise your business.

Our meetings include two main components:

Speaker Workshops

Led by world-class professional speakers, MD2MD workshops will provoke thinking and motivate action. We invest in top-calibre experts, at a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group.

The topics are valuable and varied. From topics like sales, marketing, operations, finance, and IT to leadership challenges such as handling difficult conversations and motivating your team. We also tackle subjects that are more fluid, such as ambitions, goals, motivations, and values.

Peer Challenge Board

The confidential peer challenge board is like a board meeting. Your peers act as non-executive directors by supporting you when you’re challenged, and challenging you when you’re not. However, this is a board meeting with a difference…

You will get a dozen different perspectives, based on a wide range of beliefs. You will have two or three centuries of combined experience to advise you on management and leadership challenges. The insights will not be tainted by conflicting interests, the need to represent shareholders, or the protection of a position. This will be a peer willing to provide their best advice in exchange for your best advice.

Other Meeting Formats

We’re constantly innovating to develop new meeting formats for members.

Retreat to Advance

Retreat to Advance is a two-day event, in which we step back from the day-to-day to review plans with colleagues. This is to ensure that we are heading in the strategic direction that will help us meet ambitions.


LeaderFest is our annual mini-conference, at which all MD2MD groups combine to learn with and from each other. Experienced business leaders are interviewed on stage, and we undertake valuable workshops.

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To those who wish to learn with and from fellow business leaders, we extend an invitation to attend a MD2MD meeting as our guest. This is an opportunity to start fruitful relationships, enjoy useful conversations, and gain valuable business insights.

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