What happens at MD2MD meetings?

We know that time is precious. All too often leaders find they get bogged down in detail.  In joining MD2MD you commit to invest one day per month in working smarter not harder or if you prefer a different soundbite working ON your business not IN it.

Because the peer group meeting is just one day, you can return to your business and implement any actions you decide upon immediately the next day. Indeed we work hard to encourage you to do so. And because we meet again a month later, you can feed back to your peers on progress, and then pick up new ideas to build upon the progress you have made.  A process of continuous improvement applied to leadership (or Kaizen leadership) that can, in due course, raise your game and revolutionise your business in the way the manufacturing industry was revolutionised in the 1960s and 1970s.

Our normal meetings include two main components:


WORKSHOPS led by world class professional speakers designed to provoke you to think differently and to motivate you to act.

To maximise the return on your precious time we invest in top expert practitioners of a calibre rarely available to local business leaders in a small group.

Topics covered are chosen to be of value to a leader and vary widely.  From so called ‘hard’ topics like Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and IT through leadership challenges such as handling difficult conversations and motivating your team, through to subjects typically termed ‘Soft’ such as ‘What actually are my goals?’, ‘Why do I bother?’ and ‘How relevant are the beliefs and values of a leader anyway?’


A confidential PEER CHALLENGE BOARD.  A bit like a ‘board meeting’ where your peers act like good Non-executive directors by supporting you when you feel challenged and challenging you when you don’t.

The differences are that at an MD2MD meeting:

You’ll get a dozen different perspectives based on a wide range of experiences and beliefs, not just one. Two to three centuries of experience deployed to advise you on your management and leadership challenges.

That view will not be the view of someone there to represent shareholders or protect their own position but a peer willing to give you their best advice in exchange for you doing the same for them.

Other meeting types

Some times with some groups we run other meeting formats based upon our core ethos of Leaders like you learning with and from leaders like you.  These variants have developed as we innovate to give our members new and different leadership learning experiences:

‘Retreat to Advance’

‘Retreat to advance’ is a two day event where we step back from the day to day and review our plans with our colleagues to ensure that, as well as continually improving, we are also heading in the strategic direction that will help us meet out ambitions.

More About ‘Retreat to Advance’


LeaderFest is our annual mini-conference where all the MD2MD groups combine to learn with and from each other and also from interesting business leaders professionally interviewed on stage.