MD2MD Policy: member contact details

We try to protect member confidentiality as follows.

Most (not all) presenters share slides or materials of some sort and members should ask the presenter on the day if they want copies.

We do not routinely give presenters email addresses or any other contact details for members as we see that as a choice for members to make themselves.

The most common route for sharing is that the presenter shares the materials with MD2MD. In that case we will upload them and send members a link to download. This does not involve us giving speakers member contact details.

Another route is that members volunteer their email address / contact details to the presenter at the meeting so the presenter can engage and send materials. Whilst we’d encourage that as we believe all our presenters are professional, we see that as a choice for members to make themselves.

A final route is that presenters offer a link to their website from where materials can be downloaded in exchange for contact details. Again whilst we’d encourage that, we see that as a choice for members to make themselves.

We will always share presenter email addresses with members on request.

We will connect members of different groups by email on request.
As they inevitably know each other well, we will share on a 121 basis full contact details of members of the same group with each other.

Other situations with speakers and others are considered as specific 121 cases. If we believe there is a good reason to connect someone with a member we will do so by email without phone numbers. Other than the one case above we are very very cautious about giving out phone numbers even 121.