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What are the services that MD2MD provides?

MD2MD offers a wide range of workshops, webinars and meetings online and in-person to meet the varied requirements of our members. For a summary of each service please see the descriptions below and click the link for more details.

Leadership Challenge Board

Leaders like you discuss in private how best to deal with real business leadership challenges. A chance to develop your thinking on leadership as well as sound out how others would deal with a challenge you face.

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Speaker-led workshops

Interactive workshops led by world-class practitioner speakers of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group.

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Speaker webinars

Speaker webinars are similar to workshops but have unlimited attendees and are not fully interactive. There is no requirement to have cameras on and interactivity is via the text chat box.

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Sponsored speaker briefings

The speaker for sponsored briefings is not funded by your subscription. The speaker is a volunteer or is being paid for by a sponsor with an interest in promoting their angle. Which they are briefed to do appropriately and in the context of adding value to demonstrate their worth!

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Trending topics discussion groups

Trending topic discussion groups are an ad hoc chance for members to meet, share and discuss best practice in an area of shared interest with other members with an interest in the same subject.

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Special interest groups

Special interest groups (SIG) bring together members who have a common interest based on sector, on role, on ownership model, according to a common challenge or indeed by any ongoing shared interest which members are keen to discuss with others like them, addressing or considering addressing the same situation.

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An opportunity for you to hear first hand the leadership thoughts of some very experienced and interesting business leaders whilst discussing business with a hundred or so business leaders like you.

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Retreat to advance

A chance for you to take time out at an inspirational venue. Consider where you and your business might be in 5, 10 or even 100 years. Where are you heading, why you are heading there and how will you get there?

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MD2MD provides an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from my peers, for me to road-test my thinking in a safe environment, and for me to keep developing my leadership skills. Adrian Leer
My experience with MD2MD has been extremely helpful in many ways and even more so with the changing business environment this year. I have made many new helpful relationships with all kinds of MD's. Rick Lorenzo
The support and advice from the MD2MD team and peer group has been invaluable to the Practice, allowing us to continue improving and modernising the working environment at GSS. Ian Bray
Online peer group meeting and speaker workshops

Online membership

With this “online” plan you, the business leader, join a Peer group for business leaders. We call these groups, Leadership Challenge Boards as they are designed to work collaboratively to tackle leadership challenges any of the group may be working through at the time. Each peer group will typically have 6 to 8 attendees join per meeting. The meetings are online and run for 90 mins, every 6 weeks making them easy to access from anywhere and bite sized so they dont take out too much of work schedule.

In addition to the peer groups, yourself and also members of your leadership team, have unlimited access to a host of online speaker-led workshops, webinars and briefings plus a range of trending topic and special interest, discussion groups.

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Leadership team blended package

Blended membership

This premium plan is for you if you value the increased effectiveness of attending face to face meetings with your peers.

With this plan you and your immediate leadership team gain all the benefits of the online membership plan and also quarterly face to face meetings with the opportunity for you, the business leader, to interact socially with fellow leaders the afternoon and evening before the meeting.

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Not already a member? Enquire about a free trial here:

Speak to MD2MD and arrange to join one of our demonstration meetings to see how we work alongside other interested and interesting business leaders. Out trial guest meetings are an opportunity for us to demonstrate to you how our member meetings work and for you to take a closer look at MD2MD and experience, at first hand the value of our leadership peer group meetings.