A rising tide lifts all boats

We run meetings and build a community of business leaders that help each other become even better leaders.

As a result, their businesses are even more successful, more lives are improved and the more of the wider needs of the world are addressed.

Business creates value. It does so by solving challenges the world faces

It creates value for its customers such that they are happy to pass a fair share of that value on to the business

The business in turn shares fairly that value between its staff, its investors and funders, its suppliers and its wider community

The term business is intended to include all forms of enterprise private, public and third sector as the purpose of all should be to create value and share it fairly

Leaders make a difference

The person who has the greatest impact on the extent to which a business creates value is the leader of that business

Leadership is a learning journey

  • None of us are the finished article – the perfect leader
  • However good a leader we are, we can always be even better

We succeed or we learn

  • We get things right – and we succeed
  • We make mistakes – and we learn
  • We become an even better leader

We can learn quicker

  • By being hungry for ideas
  • From fellow leaders, specialists, experts and thinkers
  • By sharing best practice
  • By sharing experience with diverse peers
  • Learning from their successes and their mistakes
  • And they learning from ours

We are stronger together

  • “A rising tide lifts all boats”
  • Sharing parallel journeys
  • Comparing parallel experiences
  • Learning from successes and mistakes
  • Supporting and challenging
  • Helping each other to be the best we can be
  • It’s no longer lonely at the top!

We are individual leaders

  • Equal but different
  • We are people of varying genders, races, backgrounds, education, physical and mental characteristics
  • We are leaders at different stages of our career and have varying personalities, attitudes, beliefs, values and goals
  • We have different types of leadership role operating within a variety of ownership structures and ownership ambitions
  • Our organisations are at different stages of development targeting different purposes with differing business models in a range of sectors and geographies