Where in London does the MD2MD Business Leaders’ forum meet

This forum meets in the wonderful setting of More London, in the shadow of the Shard and within a short walk of London Bridge Station, opposite the impressive skyline of the City of London and the Tower of London with Tower Bridge and the Mayors beehive within yards.

Our London business leaders forum is designed specifically for Managing Directors and equivalent business leaders. Members come from the Home Counties to the North, South, East and West of London including Kent, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire, as well as the West of London itself.

So if you are based within range of London this is the group for you. Subject of course to ensuring there are no conflicts of interest with existing members as it is essential part of our process that members should be able to speak openly about their challenges at our meetings.

Do you lead tens or hundreds of people in this area?

If so this business leader group may be valuable for you and we’d be pleased to explore inviting you along as our guest so you can experience for yourself the power of learning with and from fellow business leaders who are very likely to be facing similar challenges to yourself.

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What happens in a London business leaders’ forum meeting?

Most meetings at our London business leaders’ forum start at 8:30am and after briefly comparing experiences of the current trading environment members spend the morning learning with and from each other through an interactive workshop led by a top professional speaker. After lunch and a catch up and feedback session, the group works together in confidential session as a peer challenge board for the remainder of the afternoon, departing by 5pm to avoid the traffic. For more details of meeting format click here.