Executive Coaching & Leadership Training


At MD2MD, we support leaders and strive for growth. We believe that businesses need strong and competent leaders to flourish. This is the motivation for our leadership training and peer group discussions. We want to help leaders tap into their potential, and develop strategic thinking that will benefit the organisation they lead.

Executive Coaching and Management Training in Surrey

We understand that the life of a leader is never easy. We use our forums as an opportunity for you to discuss those challenges. And where better to learn than with other experienced leaders?

What to Expect From Our Executive Coaching

The purpose behind MD2MD executive coaching and management training is simple and straightforward: to help business leaders improve. We act simply as mediators that facilitate this process. The leaders in our peer group meetings engage with one another in a healthy conversation to promote shared knowledge and insightful discussions.

Whether you want to learn new business and leadership strategies, or you want to impart your business knowledge, all of these are welcome in our managing director peer groups.

Our MD2MD Meetings Structure

MD2MD offers a no-fluff approach. This is what sets us apart from other business coaching methodologies. We don’t simply hire a speaker to offer a one-way lecture to an audience. Instead, our structured process is managed through discussion and practical workshops.

The first component of our leadership training is known as the speaker workshop. This portion is led by a professional speaker who will serve as mediator for discussions and debates among business leaders who are part of the meeting. You can explore various topics affecting your business – from sales, to marketing, to staff training, and much more.

The second component of our MD2MD meetings is the peer challenge board. This is your chance to become deeply involved, as a business leader who has committed to learning with and from fellow leaders. Take every grain of knowledge that you can get from real-world case studies and actual business success stories. This new wealth of knowledge will help you tackle the challenges of being a leader with more confidence, courage, and knowledge.

Forthcoming events

november 2020

wed04nov8:30 am10:00 amHow to win 2 out of 3 Tenders and ProposalsDavid Harrison

wed11nov8:30 am10:00 amNo One is Born A RacistRené Carayol

wed18nov8:30 am10:00 amInsolvency Double Feature – Whistle Stop Tour and Tales from the CryptPeter Windatt

wed25nov8:30 am10:00 amAdjust Your Sails – leading in turbulent times.Jon Wilks


Interested in joining?

If you are leading and operating a business in the Surrey area, you can join us for one of our managing director peer group meetings. Use this opportunity to get value from a supportive community of business leaders. To request a guest invitation, please click the button below.

About Business in Surrey

The business landscape in Surrey has provided the ideal environment to welcome investors. Whether you’re relocating your business to Surrey or you are looking towards business expansion, Surrey is superb for an organisation with national or international ambitions.

There are many business networks and global organisations based within Surrey and the towns of Woking, Farnham, Guildford, and Epsom. The region is committed to fostering growth, and its proximity to London is of great benefit commercially.

Among the key sectors in Surrey are computing, gaming, digital, advanced manufacturing, and financial services. The rapid development of high-quality infrastructure boosts economic growth, and attracts businesses to choose Surrey as their corporate hub.

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