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Building business leadership through peer groups in London. Solve problems, think strategically, and become a better operational leader.

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MD2MD is committed to great leadership and business success. We have developed our unique peer group meetings to enable and encourage business leaders to get to the top of their game. Ours work differently from a typical business coaching programme. The goal of MD2MD is to help business leaders develop their strategic thinking, using insight from fellow leaders.

We have created our Managing Director peer group meetings to help you work smarter. It’s time to work on your business, not in your business. Growth starts with you, the leader!

What is MD2MD?

At MD2MD group meetings, our members tackle a variety of topics that directly relate to operating and leading an established and growing organisation.

The typical range of topics discussed will deal with business planning (developing goals and strategies, business growth), funding (finding investors, inking a big contract, or cash flow management), operations (supply chain problems, negotiations, and losing customers), and marketing (sales, competition, and disruptions).

Our purpose is clear: to challenge business leaders constructively and strategically. We hope that you emerge from these meetings feeling more confident to tackle the real-world challenges that you face whilst leading your business.

Who can benefit?

MD2MD leadership training and peer group discussions are designed specifically to benefit operational business leaders like CEOs, founders, board members, and Managing Directors. Our members are business leaders who govern hundreds of staff in their organisation.

If you want to become a better leader at strategic thinking and adapting towards an innovative mindset, our MD2MD group meetings will greatly benefit you. It is an opportunity to broaden your perspective in order to lead your team better.

The format of MD2MD meetings

We keep our MD2MD executive and leadership training simple and straightforward. Every meeting takes one full day to ensure that you can get the most knowledge and learning from each session. The first part of the meeting is the speaker workshop, which is a practical workshop designed to provoke thoughtful discussion. This is where you will have the chance to delve into common leadership topics such as challenges, motivations, and goals.

The second part of the meeting is the peer challenge board. This part is also what sets it apart from other types of executive coaching and management training programmes. Every member is encouraged to share knowledge and learn from others about real-life cases and solutions.

You will get multiple perspectives about how to approach certain challenges to be as informed as possible on how to tackle them in the context of your business. These insights come in the form of objective advice from independent peers whose main goal is to educate and inform.

Forthcoming events

november 2020

wed04nov8:30 am10:00 amHow to win 2 out of 3 Tenders and ProposalsDavid Harrison

wed11nov8:30 am10:00 amNo One is Born A RacistRené Carayol

wed18nov8:30 am10:00 amInsolvency Double Feature – Whistle Stop Tour and Tales from the CryptPeter Windatt

wed25nov8:30 am10:00 amAdjust Your Sails – leading in turbulent times.Jon Wilks


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We have created MD2MD meetings in the London area to equip you with the knowledge and strategy to run a successful business. Get started on building your knowledge as a leader with the help of other business leaders. To request an invitation, please click the button below.

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London is not just one of the most popular cities in the world – it is also a hub for enterprise. There are plenty of advantages offered for businesses that invest in London. Among those advantages are the world-class transport links, access to exceptional talent, and a supportive business community. In fact, some of the world’s biggest corporations are based in London.

With an amazing pool of talent to tap into and a business-friendly environment, London consistently ranks as one of the best places to invest in Europe and the UK. With 8 million residents and millions of tourists, you can also give your brand high exposure and more opportunities for success. It is no doubt a highly attractive prospect for entrepreneurs and those looking towards expansion.

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