Executive Coaching & Management Training in Hampshire

Learn with and from fellow business leaders. Take part in our peer groups and workshops in Hampshire, designed to challenge and support local business leaders. Working together with other leaders you can learn from each other’s experiences, becoming better prepared to tackle these challenges when they arise in your own organisation.

What is MD2MD?

No business or professional organisation is without its challenges or struggles, and the main responsibility for tackling these falls on the leader’s shoulders.

With this in mind, MD2MD has developed a unique method of confronting the issues faced by business leaders. We facilitate discussion and learning amongst leaders, allowing them to share their successes and what steps they took to make them happen.

Whilst you do not necessarily have to adopt the same approach as your fellow leaders, you can adapt it into a strategy appropriate for your particular industry.

When you join MD2MD meetings, expect to be motivated and inspired in your leadership. Come along and be encouraged to grow your business in new ways.

Inside look at MD2MD meetings

Taking one full day, MD2MD meetings provide plenty of time for the participants to discuss current areas of concern for their respective businesses or organisations in depth.

The first part of the day is the confidential peer challenge board discussion. This involves tackling real-life business challenges with fellow business leaders.

The second part of the day is the practical workshop. Led by a professional speaker, an expert in their field, the workshop addresses specific areas of business leadership and best practice.

Who are the meetings for?

MD2MD is a great opportunity for business leaders of all types – including managing directors, CEOs, board members, founders, and general managers. If you are leading a team of hundreds or more, these meetings are right for you.

We understand that our members aspire to greater business success, and our unique approach is designed to facilitate this.

Forthcoming events

november 2020

wed04nov8:30 am10:00 amHow to win 2 out of 3 Tenders and ProposalsDavid Harrison

wed11nov8:30 am10:00 amNo One is Born A RacistRené Carayol

wed18nov8:30 am10:00 amInsolvency Double Feature – Whistle Stop Tour and Tales from the CryptPeter Windatt

wed25nov8:30 am10:00 amAdjust Your Sails – leading in turbulent times.Jon Wilks


Be part of MD2MD meetings in your area

We have developed a system that can benefit leaders from all industries. If you think that MD2MD’s distinctive format is what your business needs to grow, please click below to request a guest invitation.

About business in Hampshire

Hampshire is one of the most promising places to invest in the UK, outside of London and the other major cities of England. In fact, it is responsible for more than 3% of the total GDP in the UK. The reason behind this is the presence of numerous thriving businesses, which have provided fuel for the local economy. There are several efforts, including government funded schemes and private ventures, that provide advice for new and small businesses. Startups and new businesses can therefore expect maximum support from the local government and private groups to get their businesses off the ground.

The vibrant business environment in Hampshire, particularly in the areas of Portsmouth, Winchester, Basingstoke, and Southampton, is evidenced by the many business parks that exist in the region. From industrial complexes and warehouses, to offices and technical parks, examples of business growth can be seen across the county. Businesses in Hampshire also encompass a wide range of industries such as the marine industry, corporate businesses, tech businesses, and finance.